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Traumatic brain injury caused by work accidents: How can occupational and vocational recovery be achieved?
Paola Perini, Margherita Caristi, Elisabetta Mondin, Maria Rosaria Matarrese, Giovanni Cortese, Alessandro Giustini, Ilaria Cannella, Alessia Pinzello, Paolo Fogar
Issues connected with the reintegration of individuals affected by severe brain injury are numerous and complex. Extensive data indicate the effectiveness of treatments based on an holistic approach, which integrates medical interventions with social programmes and offers continuity, leading to the rapid achievement of independent living outcomes and return to work. In Italy, extensive resources a ...
Pages: 1-8
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Evaluation of a supervised physical activity programme for cancer survivors: From treatment to triathlon
Rudi Frankinouille, Greetje Vanhoutte, Gaëtane Stassijns, Carmen De Coster, Ella Roelant, Marika Rasschaert, Jan Gielen, Sevilay Altintas, Marc Peeters
Objective: It is recommended that cancer survivors incorporate physical activity into their daily lives after in-hospital rehabilitation. However, there is a lack of training programmes focusing on the specific needs of cancer survivors. TriaGO! – an 8-month intervention study of aerobic endurance training for cancer survivors was therefore examined. The training programme aims to meet the parti ...
Pages: 1-7
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