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Prevalence of post-polio syndrome based on a cross-sectional survey in Kitakyushu, Japan
Jin Takemura A1, Satoru Saeki A2, Kenji Hachisuka A2, Keinosuke Aritome A2
Objectives : To determine the number of polio survivors living in Kitakyushu, Japan, and the prevalence of post-polio syndrome. Design : Cross-sectional survey in Kitakyushu. Subjects/Patients : A total of 342 possible polio survivors were selected from the list of physically disabled persons' certificates administered by the Department of Health and Welfare, Kitakyushu City Government. Methods : ...
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Life satisfaction in spouses of patients with stroke during the first year after stroke
Gunilla Forsberg-Wärleby A1, Anders Möller A3, Christian Blomstrand A1
Objective: The aims of this study were to investigate whether spouses' life satisfaction changed between their life prior to their partner's stroke, and at 4 months and 1 year after stroke, and to study the association between spouses' life satisfaction and objective characteristics of the stroke patients. Subjects and methods: Sixty-seven consecutively enrolled spouses to first-ever stroke patien ...
Pages: 4-11
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Effects on sick-leave of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme for chronic low back, neck or shoulder pain: comparison with usual treatment
Sturla Storrø A1, Janne Moen A1, Sven Svebak A2
Objective: To test the outcome of active multidisciplinary treatment in an outpatient setting upon sick-leave status among patients with neck, shoulder and low back pain. Design: Multidisciplinary treatment was administered to 121 patients (intervention group) over 4 weeks of structured intervention, followed by 8 weeks of less structured consultations. Effects of treatment were compared with usua ...
Pages: 12-16
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Tender or not tender: test-retest repeatability of pressure pain thresholds in the trapezius and deltoid muscles of healthy women
Ann L. Persson A1, Christina Brogårdh A2, Bengt H. Sjölund A2
Objective: To examine the test-retest repeatability of pressure pain thresholds in the shoulder muscles of healthy women. Design: Four experimental sessions (days 1, 3, 28, 30), each including 4 consecutive pressure pain threshold measurements at 10-minute intervals. Subjects: Twenty-four healthy female volunteers, mean age 42 years. Methods: Two examiners measured pressure pain thresholds bilater ...
Pages: 17-27
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Coping in patients with chronic whiplash-associated disorders: a descriptive study
Michael Peolsson and Björn Gerdle
Objective : There are few studies of the way patients with chronic whiplash-associated disorders cope with pain and other aspects of the condition. This study analyses: (a) gender differences in coping strategies; (b) whether the patients can be sub-grouped based on their coping strategies and whether the sub-groups differ clinically; and (c) the relative importance of background variables, sympto ...
Pages: 28-35
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Quality of life, psychological and physiological changes following exercise training in patients with chronic heart failure
Georgia Koukouvou A1, Evangelia Kouidi A1, Apostolos Iacovides A2, Erasmia Konstantinidou A1, George Kaprinis A2, Asterios Deligiannis A1
Objective: To assess the physiological and psychosocial effects of exercise training in chronic heart failure. Subjects/Patients: Twenty-six men with heart failure (New York Heart Association functional classes II and III) aged 52. 5 (SD 9. 8) years, were studied. Methods: The subjects were randomized either to rehabilitation group (Group A: 16 patients), participating in a 6-month exercise traini ...
Pages: 36-41
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Vertical ground reaction force shape is associated with gait parameters, timed up and go, and functional reach in elderly females
Toshiaki Takahashi A1, Kenji Ishida A1, Daisuke Hirose A1, Yasunori Nagano A1, Kiyoto Okumiya A2, Masanori Nishinaga A2, Yoshinori Doi A2, Hiroshi Yamamoto A1
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between knee pain and various indicators of the combined performance of the lower extremity (including gait parameters, functional performance such as timed up and go, and functional reach test) and to determine whether the classification of vertical ground reaction forces correlates with gait parameters and functional performance. ...
Pages: 42-45
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Missed therapy time
Simon Paul
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