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Measurements of the centre of pressure of individual legs reveal new characteristics of reduced anticipatory postural adjustments during gait initiation in patients with post-stroke hemiplegia
Ryo Onuma, Tadashi Masuda, Fumihiko Hoshi, Tadamitsu Matsuda, Tomoko Sakai, Atsushi Okawa, Tetsuya Jinno
Objectives: To determine whether individual measurements of the centre of pressure for the stance and stepping legs can reveal new characteristics of reduced anticipatory postural adjustments during gait initiation in post-stroke hemiplegic patients. Methods: Subjects included 30 stroke patients and 10 healthy age-matched controls. The acceleration of the trunk, and the centre of pressure of each ...
Gripforce reduction in children with an upper neonatal brachial plexus lesions
Sophia M. Buitenhuis, Willem Pondaag, Ron Wolterbeek, Martijn J.A. Malessy
Objective: To assess gripforce in children with a C5 and C6 neonatal brachial plexus palsy, as it may affect hand use. Applying classic innervation patterns, gripforce should not be affected, as hand function is not innervated by C5 or C6. This study compares gripforce in children with a neonatal brachial plexus palsy with that in a healthy control group, and assesses correlations with hand sensib ...
Development of a supervised exercise programme for immigrant women: Feasibility study of a practical intervention in a physiotherapy setting
Stephanie Heinecke Thulstrup, Stine Petersen, Lars Morsø
Background: While Denmark is facing growing inequality between Danish women and immigrant women in relation to exercise and health, research on interventions and targeted exercise programmes is limited. This study aimed to test the feasibility of a physiotherapeutic supervised exercise programme for immigrant women. Methods: Inspired by improvement research a programme was developed in cooperatio ...
Reliability and validity of a standardised ultrasound examination protocol to quantify vastus lateralis muscle
Theresa Maria Betz, Michaela Wehrstein, Fabian Preisner, Birgit Friedmann-Bette
Objective: To evaluate the reliability and validity of a standardized ultrasound examination protocol for measuring vastus lateralis muscle size. Design: Prospective cohort study. Subjects: Sixteen staff members of the university hospital of Heidelberg. Methods: Muscle thickness, cross-sectional area and subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness were measured at 3 standardized sites on the right a ...
Physical inactivity after stroke: Incidence and early predictors based on 190 individuals in a 12-month follow-up of the fall study of Gothenburg
Sara Botö, Dongni Johansson Buvarp, Per-Olof Hansson, Katharina S. Sunnerhagen, Carina U. Persson
Objective: To determine the incidence of physical inactivity and factors prior to stroke and in acute stroke that are associated with physical inactivity 1 year after stroke Design: Prospective longitudinal cohort Patients: A total of 190 consecutively included individuals with acute stroke Methods: A follow-up questionnaire, relating to physical activity level using the Saltin-Grimby Physical ...
Does gender affect the outcomes of patients in program of managed care for acute myocardial infarction
Katarzyna Wilkosz, Krystian Wita, Maciej T. Wybraniec, Marcin Wita, Joanna Fluder, Monika Malta, Jarosław Chmurawa, Andrzej Kubicjus
Background: There is increasing evidence that cardiac rehabilitation and regular follow-ups are associated with reduced mortality and morbidity. A programme of Managed Care for Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction was developed in Poland (MC-AMI; in Polish, KOS-zawał), based on current scientific evidence. However, there is a lack of data on possible improvement in long-term prognosis among ...
Methodological aspects of using a wearable eye-tracker to support diagnostic clinical evaluation of prolonged disorders of consciousness
Jan Johansson, Kristina Franzon, Alison K. Godbolt, Marika C. Möller
Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of using a wearable eye-tracker when assessing patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness using the Coma Recovery Scale Revised (CRS-R), focusing on technical challenges. Design: A methodological investigation with descriptive and analytical elements. Subjects: Four patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness were recruited from the rehabilit ...
Effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions in adults with multi-organ dysfunction syndrome: A rapid review
Chiara Arienti, Stefano Lazzarini, Elisa Pollini, Michele Patrini, Carlotte Kiekens, Stefano Negrini
Background: Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, defined as altered organ function in critically ill patients, is a possible consequence of COVID-19. Investigating the current evidence is therefore crucial in this pandemic, as early rehabilitation could be effective for the functioning of patients with multiple organ failure. This rapid review assesses the effectiveness of rehabilitation intervent ...