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Increased prevalence of osteoarthritis in adults with cerebral palsy
Objective: Adults with cerebral palsy have an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis. However, little is known about the epidemiology of osteoarthritis among this vulnerable population. The objectives of this study were to compare the prevalence of osteoarthritis between adults with and without cerebral palsy, and to determine how the prevalence of osteoarthritis changes throughout adulthood ...
Ultrasound Imaging for Dummies: Getting oriented among the planes
Rasch analysis of the UK Functional Assessment Measure in a sample of patients with traumatic brain injury from the UK national clinical database
Objective: To determine whether the UK Functional Assessment Measure (UK FIM+FAM) fits the Rasch model in patients with complex disability following traumatic brain injury. Design: Psychometric evaluation including preliminary exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses followed by Rasch analysis. Participants: A multicentre UK national cohort of 1,956 patients admitted for specialist rehabili ...
Relationships among measures of physical fitness in adult patients with heart failure
Objectives: To describe the relationships among 3 measures of physical fitness (exercise capacity, muscle function and functional capacity) in patients with heart failure, and to determine whether these measures are influenced by impairment of movement. Methods: Secondary analysis of baseline data from the Italian subsample (n = 96) of patients with heart failure enrolled in a randomized con ...