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Clinical Report

Malignant Transformation of Multiple Familial Trichoepithelioma: Case Report and Literature Review

doi: 10.2340/00015555-0322


Patients with the autosomal-dominant form of multiple familial trichoepithelioma develop numerous tumours on the face, neck and upper trunk, beginning in childhood. Malignant transformation of such lesions is quite rare; only one case of "malignant trichoepithelioma" has been reported previously, inferring pilomatrix carcinoma on a histological observation. We report here the case of a patient who developed a malignant neoplasm in a long-standing trichoepithelioma lesion on her buttock. Histopathology revealed a transformation zone between the trichoepithelioma and a malignant tumour mass. This case also showed several features of a malignant neoplasm of trichoblastic origin.


Kyung Ho Lee, Jung Eun Kim, Baik Kee Cho, Yu Chan Kim and Chul Jong Park


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Volume 88, Issue 1

DOI: 10.2340/00015555-0322

Pages: 43-46

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