Content » Vol 81, Issue 5

Investigative Report

Characteristics of Self-estimated Enhanced Skin Susceptibility

Harald Löffler, Heinrich Dickel, Oliver Kuss, Thomas L. Diepgen, Isaak Effendy
DOI: 10.1080/000155501317140052


A considerable number of people complain about enhanced skin sensitivity. The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of subjective statements and objective measurable parameters in subjects with self-estimated enhanced skin susceptibility. Four-hundred-and-twenty volunteers completed a questionnaire form with a self-estimation of skin susceptibility, possible triggering factors and other skin problems. In addition, basal values of transepidermal water loss, cutaneous blood flow and skin hydration were measured. One-hundred and fifty-two volunteers were also patch-tested with sodium lauryl sulphate 0.5 % on the forearm and evaluated by bioengineering methods. We found no correlation between self-estimated skin susceptibility and bioengineering values, neither basal nor after sodium lauryl sulphate testing. These findings, along with interpretation of the questionnaire form, suggest that self-estimated enhanced skin susceptibility is a subjective problem mostly reported by women and of all ages.


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