Content » Vol 71, Issue 2

Influence of two vehicles for zinc oxide on zinc absorption through intact skin and wounds

Agren MS
DOI: 10.2340/000155555571153156


The zinc absorption from zinc oxide applied on intact and on wounded skin were compared using two vehicles: one containing gum rosin and the other containing hydrocolloids. After treatment of intact human forearm skin for 48 h, the zinc concentration was more than two-fold higher in the epidermis and interstitial fluid beneath the rosin vehicle than beneath the hydrocolloid vehicle. Systemic absorption of zinc through full-thickness rat skin wounds treated with zinc oxide increased significantly, however, with the use of the hydrocolloid vehicle. In vitro experiment indicated that the solubility of zinc oxide in buffered saline (pH 7.4) increased in the presence of hydrocolloids. The study, thus, indicates that rosin in combination with zinc oxide enhances the transport of zinc through intact human skin, and that hydrocolloids promote the zinc absorption through wounds.


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