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Effects of Single Application of a Moisturizer: Evaporation of Emulsion W ater, Skin Surface Temperature, Electrical Conductance, Electrical Capacitance, and Skin Surface (Emulsion) Lipids

DOI: 10.2340/0001555569327330


Effects of single application of an oil in water emulsion were studied on the forearm skin of 12 healthy volunteers . Five different non-invasive methods were used. Values were followed for 360 min after application of the emulsion, with the contralateral forearm as untreated
control. The evaporation of emulsion water from the skin surface immediately rose to high values, but within 15 min returned to the original level. A parallel initial increase in conductance was obscrved; howewer, this was followed by a s lightly increased level throughout the 360 min study. Electrical capacitance was also slightly increased throughout the study. Skin surface lipids, dominated by emulsion lipids, were increased, with high values for at least 120 min. followed by a gradual decline toward normal. Single application of emulsion is characterized by an initial evaporation phase, with evaporation of emulsion water, which lasts less than 15 min, followed by a lipidization phase, which lasts at least 360 min, dominated by the oilconstituent of the emulsion undergoing epidermal absorption. During the lipidization phase, epidermal hydration parameters are slightly but consistently improved.


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