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Investigative Report

Quantitative analysis of Langerhans' cells in epidermis at irritant contact reactions using confocal laser scanning microscopy.

Scheynius A, Dalenbring M, Carlsson K, England R, Lindberg M.
DOI: 10.2340/000155572348351


Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) was used for quantitative analysis of CD1a+ cells in epidermis at irritant reactions. Sodium lauryl sulphate (2% and 4%) or non-anoic acid (20% and 80%) were applied to the skin of healthy volunteers under occlusion for 24 h. Skin biopsy specimens were taken after additional 24 h and were snap frozen. Freeze-sections, 25 microns thick, were stained with anti-CD1a antibodies (Leu-6) followed by FITC-labelled rabbit anti-mouse IgG. The sections were viewed and optically sectioned in the CLSM at four depth levels. The data was analysed using a threshold value for the fluorescence. The obtained result is presented as the proportion of specimen area having a fluorescence intensity above the threshold. The result demonstrates that the CLSM is a useful tool for obtaining not only structural information but also quantitative information from a defined tissue volume. In the present investigation it was possible to demonstrate variations in CD1a+ reactivity in epidermis at detergent-induced irritant reactions with a marked decrease in CD1a+ after 80% non-anoic acid exposure and only minor differences in the CD1a+ after 2% and 4% sodium lauryl sulphate exposure.


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