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A New Look for ActaDV and More Rapid Publication

This is the first issue of Acta Dermato-Venereologica to be published solely online. As reported in a recent editorial (1), after 96 years the printed version of the journal has now ceased to exist; after being published in parallel with the open access (OA) version for the last 5 years. Hardly surprising, the number of subscribers to ActaDV eventually became too few to sustain the traditional mode of distribution. By abandoning the printed version, it was possible to introduce a full-colour page layout at no extra cost for the authors.

Concurrently we have adopted the CrossMark® option. By clicking this symbol, appearing on the first page of each paper, it verifies that you are reading the most recent and reliable version of a paper in ActaDV.

To manifest these changes we have also changed the layout of the cover page (Fig. 1). Importantly, however, this new version of the journal will still be published as separate issues (~10 per volume), and the papers will remain paginated, making it easy to refer to an ActaDV paper. Pure online publishing will also make it possible to release the final versions of all accepted papers some 4 months earlier than before.

The publication fees, which are necessary to run an on-line, non-profit journal, will remain, but now become lower for those who wish to publish many colour pictures. However, since the amount of editorial work involved in publishing each paper is gradually increasing, extra fees have been introduced for long papers with many tables, figures, and supplementary material. This is described in detail on our website. Incidentally, the website has also been improved and now includes the option to follow our Facebook and Twitter flows directly on the website. Please don’t hesitate to use this option to comment on different papers.

Fig. 1. Old vs. new version of the cover.

Anders Vahlquist     Artur Schmidtchen     Agneta Andersson
Editor-in-Chief           Co-Editor                      Editorial Manager

  1. Vahlquist A, Schmidtchen A. News about the section editor board and a farewell to the printed journal. Acta Derm Venereol 2016; 97: 867.
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