Content » Vol 27, Issue 4

Functional balance tests in 76-year-olds in relation to performance, activities of daily living and platform tests

Frändin K, Sonn U, Svantesson U, Grimby G.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Göteborg University, Sweden.
DOI: 10.1080/16501977231241


Functional balance was studied in a sample of 98 women and 75 men from a population study. Tests used were one-legged stance and walking in a figure of eight. The results revealed that both static and dynamic functional balance were significantly correlated to isometric knee extensor strength, walking speed and stair-climbing capacity, while the association with activities of daily living (ADL) was modest in this sample of relatively healthy elderly persons. A sub-sample of 17 women and 10 men also performed balance tests on a force plate. Velocity of the sway path with both open and closed eyes was significantly correlated to the functional balance tests. Mean sway in the anterior-posterior direction and area tested with closed eyes were significantly correlated to the functional static balance test. There were no significant associations between the platform variables and the results in the performance tests. This study demonstrated differences between the sexes in that males were able to stand for a longer time on one leg, while they swayed more than females on the platform.

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