Content » Vol 23, Issue 3

A controlled study of the effect of neck school in medical secretaries

Kamwendo K, Linton SJ
Occupational Health Care Center, Orebro, Sweden
DOI: 10.1080/165019779123143152


The effect of "neck school" on neck and shoulder disorders was studied in medical secretaries. A neck school reinforced with compliance enhancing measures (group B) was compared with a traditional neck school (group A) and a control group (group C). The results show that ergonomical knowledge was good even before the secretaries attended the neck schools and that compliance was significantly higher for group B. When comparisons were made within groups some improvements on neck and shoulder fatigue and pain were noted, particularly for group B. When workload was controlled no significant group differences were found. No differences were noted for range of neck motion, or sick leave in any group. Our conclusion is that neck schools, despite good compliance, appear to be of limited clinical value for prevention of neck and shoulder disorders.

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