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Comparison of muscle strength and bone mineral density in healthy postmenopausal women. A cross-sectional population study

Kyllönen ES, Väänänen HK, Heikkinen JE, Kurttila-Matero E, Martikkala V, Vanharanta JH
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Central Hospital of Oulu, Finland
DOI: 10.1080/165019779123153157


In this cross-sectional population study with 78 healthy 0.5-5 years postmenopausal, 49-55 year old females a significant simple linear correlation between lumbar spine LII-LIV bone mineral density and adjacent back extensor and flexor isometric muscle strength was found. With the stepwise multiple linear regression analyses the most significant predictors for lumbar spine LII-LIV and femoral neck bone mineral density were weight (partial R2) (R2 = 0.197, p = 0.0001; R2 = 0.157, p = 0.0009) and age (R2 = 0.056, p = 0.0205; R2 = 0.036, p = 0.0708). Height and isometric muscle strength and endurance of muscles were not significant predictors. Weight and age were the most significant predictors also for isometric muscle strength. The mobility of spine, body fat content and anaerobic threshold had no correlation on bone mineral density.

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