Content » Vol 27, Issue 2

Instrumental activities of daily living related to impairments and functional limitations in 70-year-olds and changes between 70 and 76 years of age

Sonn U, Frändin K, Grimby G.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Göteborg University, Sweden.
DOI: 10.1080/165019779527119128


The aim of this study was to analyse in particular dependence in instrumental daily life activities (I-ADLs) and its association with physical impairments and functional limitations in the elderly. The study was based on cross-sectional data on 70-year-olds (n = 602) and longitudinal data on subjects followed up to the age of 76 (n = 371). Persons dependent in ADL had lower values in maximum walking speed, grip strength, knee extensor strength, stair climbing capacity and in forward reach, compared with those who were independent in ADL. Walking speed in both women and men and sight impairment in men had the greatest influence on dependence in ADL. Possible critical levels for disability in ADL are discussed, as persons who developed dependence between 70 and 76 already had a lower capacity in walking speed and knee extensor strength at age 70 than persons who retained their independence in ADL.

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