Content » Vol 27, Issue 2

A clinical method for measuring segmental flexion mobility in the cervico-thoracic spine and a model for classification

Norlander S, Aste-Norlander U, Nordgren B, Sahlstedt B
Research Foundation for Occupational Safety and Health in the Swedish Construction Industry, Uppsala.
DOI: 10.1080/1650197795278998


Pain and limitation of spinal mobility are symptoms frequently reported by patients. Many methods have been used to assess the total range of mobility in the different parts of the spine, but there is no method for clinical examination of segmental mobility. The aim of this study was to describe such a technique concerning of segmental flexion mobility in the cervico-thoracic spine, C7-T5, and to present a model for classification of mobility. The results of this study show that the relative flexion mobility examined, according to the Cervico-Thoracic-Ratio technique (CTR), may become a valuable complement to conventional methods of assessing mobility in the cervical spine. The normalized CTR values are less influenced by the individual factors age, body weight, height and number of years at work and the classification model presented makes functional analysis of segmental flexion mobility in the cervico-junction and upper thoracic spine more substantial

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