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Otoneurologic and audiologic findings in fibromyalgia

Rosenhall U, Johansson G, Orndahl G.
Department of Audiology Karolinska Hospital, Sweden.
DOI: 10.1080/165019779628225232


Patients with fibromyalgia were studied with otoneurological and audiological tests. Altogether 168 patients (141 women) participated. Vertigo/dizziness was reported by 72% of the patients. Sensorineural hearing loss was found in 15% of the cases. Auditory brainstem responses (ABR) and oculomotor tests were applied, and statistical comparisons between patients and controls were performed. Significant differences were found for the absolute latency of wave V and for the I-V and III-V interpeak latencies, indicating brainstem dysfunction. Abnormal ABR recordings were found in 30% of the cases. In the oculomotor study the mean velocity gain for the smooth pursuits and the mean saccadic latency were significantly different between patients and controls. Abnormal saccades were seen in 28% and pathological smooth pursuit eye movements in 58% of the patients. Electronystagmography was pathological in 45% of the cases. The findings indicate that CNS dysfunction frequently occurs in patients with fibromyalgia, although proprioceptive disturbances might also explain some of the abnormalities observed.

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