Content » Vol 40, Issue 4

A national survey of occupational therapists' practices related to participation post-stroke

Nicol Korner-Bitensky, Johanne Desrosiers, Annie Rochette
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0167


Objectives: First, to identify occupational therapists' stroke rehabilitation practices related to leisure and social aspects of participation and potential explanatory variables associated with these practices. Secondly, to identify occupational therapists' desired assessment and treatment practices related to participation.
Design: A Canada-wide telephone survey.
Subjects: A random sample of 480 occupational therapists providing stroke rehabilitation.
Methods: Two case studies were created: one representing a patient receiving inpatient stroke rehabilitation; the other receiving community-based rehabilitation. A standardized questionnaire was used to elicit information on: (i) clinician and environmental variables; (ii) management of the patient depicted; (iii) desired assessment and intervention use.
Results: 60. 2% identified a problem relating to leisure or social aspects of participation, 23. 1% would use an assessment and 36. 5% would offer an intervention focusing on leisure or social participation. Desired assessment use was low (1%), as was desired intervention use (15. 2%). Regression analyses using numerous potential explanatory variables explained little regarding clinician practices.
Conclusion: Less than half of the occupational therapists focused interventions on leisure and social aspects of participation, suggesting a gap between what could be done to enhance successful community reintegration post-stroke and what is currently done.

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