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Participation after acquired brain injury: Clinical and psychometric considerations of the Sydney Psychosocial Reintegration Scale (SPRS)

Robyn L. Tate, Grahame Simpson , Cheryl Soo, Amanda Lane-Brown
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0829


Objective: To examine the psychometric qualities and develop the clinical utility of the Sydney Psychosocial Reintegration Scale (SPRS) as a measure of participation in people with traumatic brain injury.
Design: Data generated from previous prospective studies.
Subjects/patients: Convenience samples of healthy community-based volunteers (n = 105) and people with severe brain injury (n = 510).
Methods: (i) The equivalence of a new 5-point version of the SPRS was determined vs the original 7-point version; (ii) construct validity was tested using Rasch analyses; (iii) normative and comparative data tables were produced, and data examined for floor/ceiling effects; (iv) a reliable change index score was generated.
Results: Patterns of psychometric properties for the 5- and 7-point versions were almost identical (e. g. total scores rs = 0. 98). Rasch analyses on Forms A and B found good fit to the model, for person (3. 36 and 3. 03, respectively) and item (7. 78 and 7. 25, respectively) separation; reliability coefficients were high (all ≥ 0. 90). Mean infit statistics met standard criteria (between 0. 7 and 1. 3). No floor/ceiling effects were detected. The reliable change index value was calculated for the total score for Form A using logit scores, and a conversion table provided.
Conclusion: The 5-point version of the SPRS demonstrates strong psychometric qualities as a measure of participation after traumatic brain injury.

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