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Effects of instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization on ankle range of motion and triceps surae pressure pain sensitivity
Corrie Myburgh, Are Hammern, Peter Mannfjord, Eleanor Boyle
Background: Within the practice of physical medicine, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM) is increasing in popularity. However, the intervention is still in its infancy and important clinical issues require elucidation; among these are the effects on asymptomatic individuals. Methods: Twenty healthy males were allocated randomly to either 3 minutes of high-pressure IASTM or acti ...
Pages: 1-5
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Improving the management of post-stroke spasticity: Time for ACTION
Gerry Christofi, Stephen Ashford, Jonathan Birns, Catherine Dalton, Lynsay Duke, Claire Madsen, Sohail Salam
Objective: To identify barriers to appropriate referral and treatment for patients with spasticity and present solutions that address these in a pragmatic way. Methods: Using the findings of interviews conducted with UK healthcare professionals on the management of post-stroke spasticity, a consensus meeting was held involving 7 UK spasticity experts. The panel identified barriers to timely iden ...
Pages: 1-7
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A case of dorsal scapular neuropathy in a young amateur boxer
Tony Farrell, Muiris Kennedy, Conor O'Brien
Neuropathies of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint are a well-documented cause of pain and weakness in sports people. Repetitive or excessive traction on the nerve supplying the affected muscle is believed to be the primary mechanism. We describe a case of this phenomenon in a young amateur boxer which has never been described in the literature previously. We document our hypothesis on the ...
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Work capacity seen from a psychiatric viewpoint
Viding G
Pages: 54-55
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English/Scandinavian rehabilitation terminology
Søndergård N.E
Pages: 66-69
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Integration of physical training and hip surgery in old age
Lindholm R, Lindholm S
Pages: 70-73
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A sociomedical evaluation of back insufficincy
Sparup KH
Pages: 74-79
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