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CD34+ stem cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a treatment and rehabilitation algorithm
Anna Kubsik-Gidlewska, Kamil Klupiński, Marek Krochmalski, Jakub Krochmalski, Paulina Klimkiewicz, Marta Woldańska-Okońska
Osteoarthritis is a group of multiple overlapping pathological conditions that cause destruction of articular cartilage and other structures of the joint. It is a progressive disease that leads to limitations of physical activity. New forms of treatment are therefore sought to alleviate the clinical symptoms of osteoarthritis and avoid surgery. Stem cell based therapy is an emerging field in ortho ...
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Analysis of gait during independent and paired walking in adults with an intellectual disability: A case report.
Guillaume Fumery, Vincent Fourcassié, Pierre Moretto, Véronique Bourg
Objective: Gait rehabilitation is a major concern for adults with an intellectual disability or a neuropsychological disorder. This study evaluated a collective task exercise that could complement an individual rehabilitation routine in such individuals. The movements of 3 individuals (2 patients and 1 healthy individual) were measured while walking alone and in pairs. The recovery rate, amplitude ...
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