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Chronic recurrent annular neutrophilic dermatosis. An entity?
Christensen OB, Holst R, Svensson A.
Two cases with recurrent annular lesions of similar clinical appearance and course are described. The histopathological investigations showed in both cases dense and diffuse infiltrates mainly of polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leucocytes in the mid dermis. No fever, leucocytosis or elevated ESR were observed. Systemic corticosteroid treatment controlled symptoms but recurrence after treatment was ...
Pages: 415-418
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An epidemiological study of rosace
Berg M, Lidén S
In a non-selected population of 809 office employees (454 women and 355 men) 81 persons were diagnosed as having rosacea, giving a prevalence of 10% (women 14%, men 5%). The rosacea group was compared with the rest of the study population. Most of the cases were rather mild. The rosacea was of an erythematotelangiectatic type in 81% of the cases and of a papulopustular type in 19%. Unilateral lesi ...
Pages: 419-423
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Effects of repeated application of a moisturizer
Serup J, Winther A, Blichmann CW
Epidermal hydration following repeated application of an oil in water emulsion was studied on the forearm skin of 16 healthy females by non-invasive methods. The lotion was applied twice daily for 7 days, and values were followed 7 days after cessation of treatment. The opposite forearm served as an untreated control. Electrical conductance and capacitance showed similar results, i.e. increased va ...
Pages: 457-459
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