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Self-rated health and return to work after first-time stroke

Louise Pape Larsen, Karin Biering, Soeren Paaske Johnsen, Grethe Andersen, Niels Henrik Hjollund
AmbuFlex, Regional Hospital Jutland, Gl. Landevej 61, DK-7400 Herning, Denmark. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-2061


Objective: Self-rated health is an essential aspect of life after stroke, and return to work is considered one of the most important outcomes for younger stroke patients. The aim of this study was to examine whether self-rated health 3 months after stroke, clinical and demographic determinants are independently associated with return to work and subsequent work-stability.
Material and methods: A total of 590 patients with first-time stroke were included from a Danish population-based cohort study. All patients were younger than 60 years and working or unemployed at the time of stroke. Information on self-rated health (Short Form 12; SF-12) was collected from questionnaires 3 months after stroke. Employment status was defined on a weekly basis using national register-data on transfer payments.
Results: Fifty percent were self-supporting or job-seeking 12 months after stroke, and the same proportion was found after 24 months. More than 70% of the patients who returned to work did not receive sickness benefits in the 12 months following return to work. Good self-rated health 3 months after stroke and minor stroke severity were strongly associated with return to work after 12 and 24 months.
Conclusion: Self-rated health 3 months after stroke was strongly associated with return to work and work-stability after stroke.

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