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2015-07-06An Integrating Perspective
Gregor Jemec
2015-07-02How to Learn Most About Your Patients
Gregor Jemec
2015-06-25Increased Expression of Integrin α6β4 in the Basement Membrane Zone Lining the Sebaceous Glands in Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Janine L. Blok, Ineke C. Janse , Barbara Horváth , Marcel F. Jonkman
2015-06-25Lichen Planus Possibly Induced by Acyclovir in a Child
Angela Alani, Muriel Sadlier, Kashif Ahmad
2015-06-25Molecular Typing of Treponema pallidum in Denmark: A Nationwide Study of Syphilis
Kirsten Salado-Rasmussen, Susan Cowan, Jan Gerstoft, Helle Kiellberg Larsen, Steen Hoffmann, Troels Bygum Knudsen, Terese Lea Katzenstein, Jørgen Skov Jensen
2015-06-25Acquired Port-wine Stain with Local Heat
Shiang-Yu Yang, Cheng-Che E. Lan
2015-06-25Zileuton for Pruritus in Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome: A Randomized Double-blind Placebo-controlled Crossover Trial
Joris Fuijkschot, Marieke M.B. Seyger, Diane E.T. Bastiaans, Ron A. Wevers, Nel Roeleveld, Michèl A.A.P. Willemsen
2015-06-15The Promise of Genomics and the Development of Targeted Therapies for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Catherine A. Harwood, Charlotte M. Proby, Gareth J. Inman, Irene M. Leigh
2015-06-15Psoriasis and New-onset Depression: A Danish Nationwide Cohort Study
Peter Jensen, Ole Ahlehoff, Alexander Egeberg, Gunnar Gislason, Peter R. Hansen, Lone Skov
2015-06-15Dermatitis Herpetiformis Refractory to Gluten-free Dietary Treatment
Kaisa Hervonen, Teea T. Salmi, Tuire Ilus, Kaija Paasikivi, Martine Vornanen, Kaija Laurila, Katri Lindfors, Keijo Viiri, Päivi Saavalainen, Pekka Collin, Katri Kaukinen, Timo Reunala
2015-06-11Hidradenitis Suppurativa Disproportionately Affects African Americans: A Single-center Retrospective Analysis
Natalia Vlassova, Diane Kuhn, Ginette A. Okoye
2015-06-11Psychological Interventions in the Treatment of Chronic Itch
Christina Schut, Nicholas K. Mollanazar, Jörg Kupfer, Uwe Gieler, Gil Yosipovitch
2015-06-03Increased Prevalence of Advanced Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Psoriasis: A Cross-sectional Analysis from the Rotterdam Study
Ella A.M. van der Voort, Edith M. Koehler, Tamar Nijsten, Bruno H. Stricker, Albert Hofman, Harry L.A. Janssen, Jeoffrey N.L. Schouten, Marlies Wakkee
2015-06-03Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency Treatment for Acne-related Post-inflammatory Erythema
Seonguk Min, Seon Yong Park, Ji Young Yoon, Hyuck Hoon Kwon, Dae Hun Suh
2015-05-27Cushing’s Syndrome in a 6-month-old Boy: A Rare Side-effect due to Inadequate use of Topical Corticosteroids
Sara Ciccone, Romana Marini, Carla Bizzarri, Maya El Hachem, Marco Cappa
2015-05-27Epidermolysis Bullosa Pruriginosa Excoriée: A Deceptive Pruritic Variant in Two Female Patients
Katarzyna B. Gostyńska, Marcel F. Jonkman
2015-05-27Identification of a Circulating MicroRNA Profile as a Biomarker of Metastatic Cutaneous Melanoma
Virginie Armand-Labit, Nicolas Meyer, Anne Casanova, Henri Bonnabau, Valérie Platzer, Emilie Tournier, Benoît Sansas, Stéphane Verdun, Benoit Thouvenot, Benoit Hilselberger, Andrei Doncescu, Laurence Lamant, Magali Lacroix-Triki, Gilles Favre, Anne Pradines
2015-05-27Corticosteroid Phobia Among Pharmacists Regarding Atopic Derma­titis in Children: A National French Survey
Delphine Raffin, Bruno Giraudeau, Mahtab Samimi, Laurent Machet, Xavier Pourrat, Annabel Maruani
2015-05-11Secondary Cutaneous Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma has a Higher International Prognostic Index Score and Worse Prognosis Than Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma, Leg Type
Woo Jin Lee, Kwang Hee Won, Chong Hyun Won, Sung Eun Chang, Jee Ho Choi, Kee Chan Moon, Chan-Sik Park, Jooryung Huh, Cheolwon Suh, Mi Woo Lee
2015-04-27Disutility in Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Cross-sectional Study Using EuroQoL-5D
Peter Riis Mikkelsen, Gabrielle R. Vinding, Hans Christian Ring, Gregor B.E. Jemec
2015-03-18Enzyme-linked Immunoassay Index for Anti-NC16a IgG and IgE Auto­antibodies Correlates with Severity and Activity of Bullous Pemphigoid
Monika Kalowska, Olga Ciepiela, Cezary Kowalewski, Urszula Demkow, Robert A. Schwartz, Katarzyna Wozniak
2015-03-11Relationship Between Psychosocial Burden of Skin Conditions and Symptoms: Measuring the Attributable Fraction
Francesca Sampogna, Stefano Tabolli, Patrizia Giannantoni, Andrea Paradisi, Damiano Abeni
2015-03-02Surgery of the Skin. Third Edition
Lisa Naysmith
2015-02-24Methotrexate Dosing Regimen for Plaque-type Psoriasis: A Systematic Review of the Use of Test-dose, Start-dose, Dosing Scheme, Dose Adjustments, Maximum Dose and Folic Acid Supplementation
Stef P. Menting, Paul M. Dekker, Jacqueline Limpens, Lotty Hooft, Phyllis I. Spuls
2015-02-16A Population- and Hospital-based Cross-sectional Study of Renal Function in Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Iben M. Miller, Nicholas Carlson, Ulla B. Mogensen, Christina Ellervik, Gregor B.E. Jemec
2015-02-04Chemical Immunology and Allergy, Vol. 100. History of Allergy
Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren